Stephan K Thieringer is a Business Thinker, Innovation Strategist, and Executive Coach.  His recent company, The Human Innovation Garage, is a leading coaching and advisory firm, working at the critical intersection of talent and business.  Stephan has been recognized by the WHRC and WCC as a 2020 World’s 101 Top Coaching Leader and received various other global and national accolades.

Stephan is passionate about inspiring people and transforming organizations and the culture of organizations. As a serial entrepreneur with many disappointments and failures and some successes he is passionate about reminding people of the human factor and create a space for high performance but being, living and 

Stephan has keynoted events around the world, engaged deeply into education technology and education impact, and equal access. He serves on several company boards, is an angel investor in over a dozen companies, and recently became a shareholder in a foosball club [soccer].

Stephan is orginally from Stuttgart, Germany, and resides currently in Boston MA.  

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